Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR 3.4

Dynamic-Photo HDR enhances pictures by adding effects to them
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There are some issues that we may face when we take a snapshot. The image quality may be different and also it may not be as desirable that we may actually have wanted. Dynamic-Photo HDR, a software that has been developed for fast high dynamic range photography, is used to enhance the pictures by adding effects to them, thus beating the limitations of electronic devices. This is achieved by fusing multiple exposures of the picture into one, resulting in a beautiful picture.

The software is packed with powerful auto-aligning, manual or auto-assist aligning of pictures. This is done with the help of pin warping. HDR files can be accessed anytime since they can be saved on the hard drives. 360 panoramic images and almost all the camera formats of RAW are supported. The pictures are free of moving image ghosts, thanks to the anti-ghosting mask provided with it.

A complete new set of pictures can be created using different tone-mapping techniques. The installation is simple and the super fast preview feature makes editing of the picture very relaxing. The user can even compile images to form a batch so that they can be processed together, thus saving more time and effort.

Luis Sanchez
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