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Dynamic Photo HDR transforms your overexposed or underexposed pictures into gleaming photographs with a stunning atmosphere. It produces High Dynamic Range images either from a pair of identical pictures with different exposure values or from a single photograph, thanks to its Pseudo HDR Mode. Once the HDR picture is ready, you can apply various tone-mapping filters to it to enhance its dramatism.

The program works like a charm in all phases of the conversion and editing process. For better results, it is advised to work with a pair of pictures of the same subject taken with different exposure settings. Here is where the program can show its full HDR conversion capabilities. It will take the best part of each picture and will combine them in an amazing HDR image, which will not only bring the subject to life but also add a dramatic atmosphere to it. The resulting HDR photograph may then be further enhanced and customized using the tone-mapping layers provided; by tweaking the brightness, color saturation, light radius, or smoothness levels (among others), or through a combination of both methods. The possibilities are endless, and your own sense of creativity will be the only limit.

Dynamic Photo HDR helps you recover all the details hidden in an overexposed or an underexposed photo while providing you with all the tools you need to add a surreal effect to it. You can “paint” a Dynamic Light effect right where you want it using the brush provided, or apply to the entire image a layer of color in a specific tone. You can enhance the shadows and the contrast, or tweak the color temperature, vividness, and saturation levels until the image acquires that dramatic atmosphere that captured you when taking it.

If you don’t happen to have a second shot, you can apply the program’s Pseudo HDR process to any of your best photographs to achieve a similar effect. Not being a true HDR image, the results may not be as perfect as expected, but, when used wisely, the wide range of filters, layers, and tone effects that come with the program will help you mimic that true HDR effect on all your favorite pictures thanks to the program’s support for batch processing. The resulting photographs can then be saved in various formats, including Photoshop and 16-bit TIFF files.

Dynamic Photo HDR is both easy to use and flexible. You can combine automatic and manual processes together with global and local tone mapping to produce stunning HDR pictures. This is certainly a tool to unleash your creativity.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Creates HDR images from either a single shot or a set of photographs
  • Easy and intuitive editing tools
  • Excellent set of color and light templates
  • Allows for batch editing
  • RAW processing available


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